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    software complete solution for industries "biogas" "Renewable energy" and "disposal". ZEUS (Centralised capture and controlling) is a module-based programme package for simplifying the management and administration processes for multiple biogas plants.

    It bundles data from various units such as, for example, CHP`s, block heating power stations and fermenting plants as well as information relating to analysis, material flows, co
    ntracts, invoices, stock levels, stock capacities, range of coverage, machinery costs or accounting figures and correlates them into a comprehensive data bank in order to evaluate the information.

    Any disruptions or deviations from an optimum operational process can therefore be immediately detected and remedied. All the employees are working on the same, server based data bank system. The connections are maintained by the internet, irrespective of the location, so the highest level of plant management flexibility is maintained.

    Modular concept
    ZEUS can incorporate different software modules when required, such as to integrate localised vehicle weigh bridges so that the captured processes can be centrally factorised or so that the processing data can be displayed in order to create automatic reporting documentation [more...].

    - Module ERP (enterprise resource planning) [more...]

    - Module "GABI - Graphical analysis, reports and information" [more...]

    - Module "VIEW" - central control centre for lager plant complexes [more...]

    - Module "ALERT" - higher ranking alarm System [more...]

    - Module “CONNECT” for connecting vehicle weigh bridges [more...]

    - Module "REPORT" for user-defined reports [more...]

    - Module "TARA" Automatic documentation of filling feeders [more...]

    - Module "WEATHER" - software and weather station [more...]

    - Module "Visualisation" [more...]

    - Module "dashboard" - rapid on-line information via the Internet [more...]

    - Module GEORG - GPS-supported harvest-organisation [more...]